Street Art Revolution

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We make the process of commissioning  public art a simpler process 

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Street Art Revolution LLC is a public art and design company . We partner with governmental agencies, developers and corporations to deliver highly curated public art programs and design services. Street Art Revolution capabilities include working across all art mediums including

murals, vinyl wraps, sculpture, installations, and paintings. Our integrated approach covers artist engagement, briefing, publicity, signage, concept design, planning, commissioning and supervision through the installation of each project. ​

Riviera Beach Marina Village 

Norton Museum of Art /Street Art Revolution

Panel Discussion on  the impact of  public art in the community 

Street Art Revolution Murals


"Our murals have a positive economic impact for businesses in the surrounding areas " 

Street Art Revolution: The Jam immortalizes 5 musical giants that have passed away, Prince, David Bowie, Bob Marley, MCA, and  Kurt Cobain. These  musicians penetrated culture beyond music, inspiring artist of all disciplines   and thus becoming cultural icons.  

Louis Armstrong

Public art is a reflection of how we see the world – the artist’s response to our time and place combined with our own sense of who we are.

Public Art Association 


Vinyl Wraps

Public Art Projects 

Mermaid Sculpture

Street Art RevolutionKaleidoscope on the Square Northwood  Village 

Kaleidoscope on the Square is a 330 ft  fiber  public art  installation  on a fence surrounding the old gas station on the corner of Broadway and Northwood Road.  Because the land has to go through a fuel detoxification procedure before the land can be redeveloped, the WPB CRA wanted to use the space creatively and turn the gas station into an art installation. Street Art Revolution artist Eduardo Mendieta, Dahlia Perryman and Caron Bowman,  transformed the fence into a colorful woven geometric pattern that shows how diverse elements become one "a kaleidoscope of color", much like the community. Each colorful thread, represents the energy, spirit and creativity of the community. “Kaleidoscope on the Square” will be on display for a year when it will be replaced with a new art exhibit for the public to enjoy.   The project was sponsored by the West Palm Beach CRA .

"Thank you for making our neighborhood beautiful "

Community Member

Art Palm Beach Fair 

Azucar Negra Art Installation

Azucar Negra is a collaborative mur­al art installation that­ explores the influence of Afro-Latin an­d Caribbean culture on Modern Art. Afro-Latin cultural iconography is sprinkled thru Latin America like sugar and it has enhanced the cultural milieu of art, music, and dance.

Project Description­ The Installation is inspired by the public­ artwork of Wifredo Lam. In 1967, Wifredo created a collec­tive public art mural for the Salon­ de Mayo in Cuba. It brought together va­rious artists and poets. It was design­ed to showcase artists work practice to ­a larger audience

With this inspiration Street Art Revolut­ion Collective will design a collective ­mural live influenced by Afro-Cuban icon­ography. Basically turning the booth int­o a work studio. The Artists will paint­ and draw sections in during the event.

Art Palm Beach Fair 

Back to Black

The installation is a giant sketchbook inspired by Keith Haring's subway chalk drawings. The installation is done on an erasable surface that can change and develop over the course of the fair. Artists will be collaborating on the  installation live each day.

Street Art Revolution Downtown West Palm Beach Mural Program

A mural program designed by  Street Art Revolution for Downtown WPB in collaboration with West Palm Beach DDA and Subculture Group

The program is facilitated and developed by a community curator. The curator’s primary role is to facilitate all aspects of the program. The curator  works to forge partnerships with a wide variety of artists ,community groups and local partners. Moreover, the curator seeks new and unusual opportunities .  The program works with  business owners, governmental  agencies and non profits   to utilize more vacant walls for art.

Integrating Disciplines with Public Art 

Life is marked by community moments, gatherings, events, happenings…art  activity can be integrated, and part of that equation. Not segregated.”

Gerald Mead - Public Arts Comm..

Artist Talks

Community Engagements

Interactive Art 

Musical Performances 

Art Installations 

Street Art Revolution Collective Artist  

Eduardo Mendieta

Muralist and Public Artist

Originally from Union City, New Jersey, Eduardo Mendieta has been living in West Palm Beach, FL for the last 20 years.  He has  shown his artwork in various locations throughout the  United States including:  Super Bowl  46 XLVI: Indianapolis Mural Project, Florida Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, and Art Palm Beach Fair


Anthony Hernandez

Muralist  and Public Artist

Anthony Hernandez was born in Havana Cuba. His love and passion for art influenced his life as a young child. Anthony was fascinated by works of artists from his birthplace including Amelia Pelaez, Mario Carreno and Rene Portocarreo. At the age of 12, he immigrated to Chicago and now resides in Palm Beach County, Florida. His work is predominantly is the medium of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and murals.

Caron Bowman

Visual Artist , Curator

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work spans many techniques. Rapper Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies showcased her artwork in NYC at the Galapagos Art Space. She emerged as a semi-finalist for the 2012 Beck’s Green Box augmented reality series – which featured the best emerging artists around the globe. In addition to other honors, she has also been profiled by Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, The American Latino Museum, the 2015 and 2013 Los Angeles African American Heritage Guide,, fashion photographer Nick Knight’s – SHOWstudio, and the Tom Joyner Foundation.

Dalhia Perryman

Visual Artist and Muralist , Co-Curator

Dalhia Perryman is an activist, an internationally shown and nationally sold multidisciplinary artist, grant winner, orator and intellectual. She holds memberships in American Mensa and the International High IQ Society and has shown work on the show CBS Sunday morning. She was published in the African American National Biography, the largest scholarly reference on blacks of the diaspora in the world and has contributed 5600 lifetime hours of community service including rebuilding homes in St Bernard Parrish, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. She most recently became a contender for a Guinness World Record with an international panel of artists for completing the largest street painting in the world .

Community Artist 

Agata Ren

Award winning artist Agata Ren graduated in 2005 from the University of Applied Sciences, Dusseldorf with a German University degree equivalent to that of a U.S. Master degree. There she studied Art, Photography, Design, Illustration and Film for 6 years. Before settling in Boca Raton, Florida in 2009, she traveled the world while photographing and painting.Her artwork was exhibited in numerous shows in different countries. She was commissioned by the City of Pompano to paint a sculpture and has murals in Broward and Palm Beach county.Her artwork is in private collections in Germany, Israel, Poland and the USA. In her studio, Agata is currently working on her newest art collection depicting endangered and extinct species. 

Steve Brouse

I paint  to explore my  inner sanctity. Although I don't live the simple go easy appeal of my paintings I seek it. The experiences I choose to encounter are whimsical yet strange due to an outcome of wonder. They are detailed and preciseness driven. Take your time, look, and feel the absurdities that our lives provide. The ones that make us smile...” Steve has his studio at Lot 23 in the city of West Palm Beach. He graduated with a degree in Art Education from the State University College at Buffalo, NY .